Denim Dress - Forever 21 Lookbook #3

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Spring Trends 2014 on this Look:


Hello Hello !

As a mom its always hard to choose what your are going to wear, because its has to be the perfect piece that makes you look good but at the same time you need to feel comfortable so I always end where I started asking myself:  What to wear??? So I present to you one of my summer options,  a loose denim dress. For my Forever 21 Lookbook I chose this dress because the material was on trend , denim has been a big part of 2014, the length its perfect for me because is not to short or to long, I called it " a cute mom perfect" length. And the best part its that is lees than 23 dls ! So the trick is to wear sandals during the day but if you have to out  just change its to hi heel shoes and voilá, ready to go.

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Photography by : Marissa JB