Forever 21 Lookbook Collaboration

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Spring Trends 2014 on this Look:


Hello Hello !

Finally the beginning of my forever 21 lookbook its here, Im beyond excited to start this project becacause I have been wearing Forever 21 for the past 15 years of my life when the store was very small and I discovered at the Ingram mall in San Antonio Texas, I fell in love with this place full of trends that were very popular but you didn't find in any store with such anticipation. After several years I learn that this is called a "fast fashion" store and then I discovered the rest like H&M and Zara to name a few. The brand has been with me in important events such my 18th birthday, my finally 21 birthday, my graduation, my bachelorette  party, my honeymoon, my babyshower, my first pics with my son Lucca and this is just to name a few. I used to think that when I reach my 30's I will stop wearing it so much but I'm 30 something and still have more than 70% of Forever 21 in my closet. So take in aside the happiness, I will talk about this look, I love this flower print, so 90's ! but for this weather is perfect for the confortable it is, I rather wear a dress because is confortable to be around Lucca but at the same time makes me feel pretty and feminine with almost no effort but ready to go out if  I have to. So being a mom dresses like this are my best option for this summer.

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Photography : Marissa JB