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Wearing:  Outfit - Rosa Palo | Accessories - Cocoon

Spring Trends 2014 on This look:



Hello Hello !

If you think of summer you always think of a short skirt and let me prove you wrong, the maxi skirt its also a perfect option to wear in the summer, why? because first of all makes you feel really elegant, but it also really comfortable to wear. I'm not a person who shows the legs that much, maybe its because I'm running around all the time and sometimes I feel uncomfortable to show a little "extra", I don't like to wear jeans either because I feel I would look like everybody else, so If you feel like me , a full skirt like this one from Rosa Palo  are perfect to wear on any occasion. What are the benefits of this skirt:

-I can wear it to a casual day like this with a t-shirt ( also from Rosa Palo)

-I can transform this skirt for a night event adding a really cute top and accessories

- Its so comfortable its perfect to travel

- Last years in the closet because its always on trend


On the other hand the geometric trend its so easy to use, I wore mine in my t-shirt by Rosa Palo and my accessories by the amazing Mexican jewelry store  Cocoon, I bet you have something with a geometric print in your wardrobe, and this is the time to take it out and wear it. Here are some tips to wear this trend.

- Don't be afraid to mix different shapes in one outfit

- A good investment its to buy accessories with this trend so you can mix and match with everything in your wardrobe

- If you are going for accessories first buy the ones that are metallic its easy to match with everything

- Stand out your geometric print by mixing solid colors to it.


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Photography by: Marissa JB

Assistant: Stephanie Cortes